Heart-wrenching estimate of 180,000 fatalities by earthquake expert evaluating Turkey-Syria disaster.

A double earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria has resulted in a death toll of 7,800 people.

An earthquake expert estimates that 180,000 people may be trapped under the rubble and nearly all of them are dead.

The WHO warns the final death toll could exceed 20,000 and estimates that up to 23 million people could have been affected by the tragedy.

Multiple stories have emerged of people trapped under the rubble sending voice notes for rescue.

President Erdogan declared the affected region as a disaster zone and imposed a state of emergency for three months.

70 countries have offered help and Turkey plans to open up hotels for temporarily housing survivors.

Unicef says the earthquakes may have killed thousands of children and scores of schools and medical facilities have been damaged or destroyed.

Turkey's disaster management agency reports 11,342 collapsed buildings with 5,775 confirmed.

The disaster's aftermath may last months to years and affect various aspects, including mental health. The full extent is unknown for now, and aftershocks remain a risk.